You may recall during Christmas time, the star from the very top of downtown Boise's Christmas tree was stolen...and then returned with some cash attached.

We've got another stolen item in the Treasure Valley and one of Boise's best known public figures is hoping to get it back. If you've ever been downtown Boise-- you're familiar with Humpin' Hannah's and The Rocci Johnson Band.  While not a Boise native-- I have always believed that Rocci is a shining example of what a Boisean is: fun, loving, accepting, and compassionate. Rocci stands at the forefront of many community events and causes and during Pride month-- things are no different.

The bar, Humpin' Hannah's, owned by Rocci and her husband is ALWAYS a place that welcomes everyone--no matter their story. During Pride month, Hannah's has been flying a pride flag outside of their front door.  Now, they're searching for the flags return: no questions asked.

On Facebook, Rocci Johnson wrote:

If you or someone you know is the person who stole the Pride flag off of our building, please find a way to return it, no questions asked. If your intent was to fly it, you can't be proud of a stolen flag anyway. If you stole it just to be a jerk, then please, try to grow up. Your only penance is you have to watch the movie "Love, Simon". Well, and everyone should watch that movie, it puts a lot of things into perspective, something truly needed in these times...


Do you or someone you know have any info on the flag? Let's show off how amazing (and small) our growing town is and return this thing to it's home in front of one of our favorite bars.


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