Are you ready for this election to be over? Well, it will be in a few hours and the outcome is up to you whether you know it or not. I've watched these videos and there very powerful. This is a must see with a giggle when you're done. Save the day, November 8, 2016.

I love most of these actors and the message behind it is brilliant. Yes, it's leaning left, but the message is brilliant. If you're a Republican then this still applies. I will brag that I somehow have a way of getting information from our listeners. I can get you to tell me who you're voting without feeling bad about it or thinking of being judged. Freedom of the right to choose your own candidate is the beauty. I heard a commercial and Rachel Maddow said it best, "The election isn't a spectators sport, you're in the game."

Some listeners have told me that their vote doesn't matter and by the message in these videos, we're wrong. My vote, your vote, and everyone else's vote MATTERS. Think on a bigger scale that the election is about our community. We can choose what happens here. We should educate ourselves and others to go vote. Find out what's on the ballot and decide who should be sitting in that office and what laws are passed. This is the one time that your voice DOES matter. Vote.

Save the day, November 8, 2016.

Want to find out where to go vote? Go Here to Find Out Where to Vote.

Click to see what's on the Ballot in this great guide that Mateo at Night put together.

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