Thanksgiving means something different to everyone. For most, it means spending time with friends and family over a home cooked meal. Catching up on stories, sharing some laughs, and enjoying way, way too much gravy on that turkey.

That's how most Idahoans celebrate Thanksgiving every year. However, some folks believe we should skip the holiday entirely.

But, why? Did we miss the memo that Thanksgiving is no longer important here in the U.S.? Are turkeys on the endangered species list? We're not experiencing a gravy shortage here, are we?

Well, surprisingly, there are numerous reasons why some Idahoans want Thanksgiving taken off the calendar:

  • Many find the holiday offensive to indigenous people here in America, and find that celebrating it can come off insulting
  • Others are burnt out with all the holidays between Halloween and Christmas and simply need a break
  • Some people say that they need more than four weeks to prepare for Christmas between buying presents and decorating their house

What do you think? Should we start brushing off Thanksgiving (while still of course taking the day off, because reasons), or should things stay the way they've been in Idaho, sticking with the annual tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving?

Let us know what your take is.

If you do decide to carry on with Thanksgiving, please please be careful about what table food you decide to share with your furry pals at home. There are a bunch of different traditional Thanksgiving treats that are toxic to our puppies. Check this out:

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs

Avoid giving dogs Thanksgiving table scraps due to the potential toxicity of certain foods like onions and chocolate, the risk of pancreatitis from high-fat dishes, and the hazards of cooked bones splintering. Seasonings and new foods can cause digestive upset.

Gallery Credit: Canva

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