Fill the little kitchen for kids at St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Their little bodies love snacks at all hours of the day - especially since their schedules are all over the place because of treatments. Think you have something for the kitchen? My son likes visiting St. Luke's Children's Hospital because his favorite quarterback (Russell Wilson - Seahawks) visits kids there often. Now my son, Colton, wants to visit kids and make a difference.

This is how we all can.

KTVB reports that Willow Creek Elementary teacher Yori Dela Rosa started a food drive at the school four years ago, after she visited a student fighting cancer at St. Luke's.

"There is a point when the cafeteria is closed and kids are doing chemo and all sorts of things and they don't have a regular schedule so they are up at two in the morning and three in the morning and they just want a snack," Yori said. "You're in the hospital with your kid, and you don't want to leave him to go anywhere and I thought what can I do?"



You can help stock the shelves with snacks for kids looking for a little pick-me-up in the middle of the night. It also gives the kids something to do and a little bit of fun as they pick out their favorite item.


To make a donation to the St. Luke's Children's Hospital Kitchen, call (208) 381-2804 and ask for the Child Life Specialists. The hospital asks that food donations are single-serve only.


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