Today is your "guilt-free" day to splurge at Dairy Queen for the kids as temperatures hover 100 degrees in the Treasure Valley. DQ's Miracle Treat Day is back 🍦🍦

I'm happy to announce that you can officially make a difference for some child today by purchasing a blizzard. One dollar or more will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital and St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Buy a blizzard and help grant wishes right here in Boise.

I take a moment each year to explain how much St. Luke's has helped our little boy. This is the most recent photo as Lennox has definitely had his share of health problems.

Photo by: Kekeluv

My wife hates when I post these but I think it's important to see where your dollar goes. We never know when the unknown will come knocking at our door. I hope it never does again and I pray you never encounter it. I worry about those families that don't have support systems and can't leave work or living on one income.

Go buy a blizzard and help our local hospitals across the country save our kids. Oh, Lennox is doing great, his allergies have worked out of his system (we think) and this kid is growing fast. I'm more trying to figure out the daddy discipline vs give in moments now. Lennox is doing just fine 😀and has a neighborhood crush so life is great! Leo is doing great despite her picking up everything and eating it! She is sick right now but we can handle that but it's good to know we have our miracle workers on call 24/7 🏥

God bless all our miracle workers and enjoy the best food in the world, ICE CREAM 🍦

Photo by: Kekeluv