One mans trash is another man's treasure... sound familiar? The Idaho department of transportation put that old saying to the test and was pleasantly surprised at how much money they got for an old but very popular road sign.

The "Welcome to Idaho" sign which you may have seen on your road trips down to Las Vegas or Jackpot was covered with stickers by travelers who wanted to leave their mark on it before posing for a selfie or a variety of funny snapshots recently sold for $11,200 at public auction.

Let me be honest, when this sign was first listed for sale I thought... that's cool, I would pay $100 for that thing. I cold hang it in my garage and it would be a cool conversation starter that I could post on social media. Some might even say that it's a piece of Idaho history and to me that is definitely worth $100.

Today when I found out that it sold for a whopping $11,200 all I could think about is... What would I buy would that amount of money? So I came up with 3 things I would rather have for the same amount.

1. 1400 Waffle Me Up BOBacado Deluxe waffles $8 a piece($11,200)

2. A 4 night 5 day vacation in Belize at Punto Espanto Island. ($10,956)

3. RC Willey shopping spree to furnish my entire home. ($9,738)

The best way to sum this up in my mind is... must be a SIGN of the times...


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