We have new steps tonight world! My daughter has finally taken her first group of steps and it came out of nowhere. My wife told me she was close and then tonight it happened.

It's interesting how the little things become the biggest. We have two children with Lennox (4 1/2 years) and Leo ( 12 months). We start to see all the milestones. I don't like to compare the two because everyone is different. We're not the parents who grade our kids based upon other kids milestones. Don't do that to yourself 😀

I remember Lennox close to taking those steps right before his health issues. That sucked in general but we saw him take his first steps at 14 months. I love the entire stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. I thought that was unique until I saw Leo doing it. I guess that's just was kids do.

I think it's so funny how these two kids are just different. I've written about it before but they are so damn cute. I'm in love with both of them and that's a true testament of their momma. She is their 24-hour babysitter, chef, teacher, mother and slap a few more titles on her. Mother does it all.

Tonight my wife was taking a bath when this happened.

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