Today is the first day of the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, with some massive balls of gas flying across the sky.

How does that even work?

Last year Tawsha and I had the honor and pleasure of working with the Simpatico team to help launch their balloon during SOBBC's night glow, and seeing those machines up close is like nothing else. From the heat of the flame to the coordination of the team, it's incredible to watch.


Cruise & Box crew a balloon at Nite Glow | photos by Janice Morin


While we got the up close and personal experience with one of the hot air balloons, maybe you've never seen how they operate. How do they fly? How hot does it have to be? What's with all the ropes? We wondered too, so we've turned to our friends at PBS to break it down for us in a way every one can understand:


Are you planning on checking out Spirit of Boise? We've got all the details for you here.