While we all wait to see if HGTV wants an entire season of the home renovation show "Boise Boys," Luke and Clint (of Timber + Love) share the Air BnB any of us can stay in. We won't judge if you pretend you have your own reality show, too. 

TV shows have filmed in Boise but to have something as addictive as a home renovation show and something that's truly looking at our city in the way we see it every day is so cool. The last show filmed in Boise was 'The Grinder' which aired on FOX. The most popular show filmed in Idaho was arguably (or not) Napoleon Dynamite.

Until now.

HGTV wanted to see what Luke and Clint would do when they were faced with different types of homes in need of renovation in Boise. This is all through the snow and wind and worst winter we've seen. According to the "Boys" each home takes up to 16 weeks to renovate. For the pilot episode we watched on HGTV, the entire project was completed in 8 weeks which was a 2,000 square-ft home on the Boise Bench. If the series becomes a reality (again, waiting on word from HGTV, the boys have about 15 houses - most on the bench.

In order to pass the time and leave us obsessing over more work from Timber + Love / Boise Boys, take a look (and maybe book) the Bed and Breakfast.

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