My boyfriend and I were running errands on Sunday before going to watch the Steelers vs Chiefs game.  Driving through his friend's neighborhood I had no idea that so many people hadn't had their trash picked up in over a week until I saw it with my own eyes.

We've been very lucky that our Southeast Boise neighborhood is located off Parkcenter and not only are the streets clear and safe, there's been crews on Bobcats coming through and clearing the sidewalks/Greenbelt areas as well.  Not all neighborhoods have been so lucky.

According to Channel 2, the City of Boise has had to adjust their plans to collect trash from residents in alleys and cul-de-sacs due to the snow.  If you're in one of those types of areas, here's what the city recommends.


Move trash and recycling as close to the street as possible on your regular collection day.  If your cart or trash can is frozen to the ground, you can simply leave the trash in a bag by the street.  Recycling can be put in paper leaf bags or boxes.  If you notice your entire street or block was skipped over for more than a week, contact the city HERE.


It's possible that your un-plowed neighborhood might still be too dangerous for the city to get to.  They recommend that you move your trash and recyclying to the nearest plowed street.  Make sure your bags or carts are on the visible side of snow berms so drivers can reach them.

Oh, by the way I saw a lot of Christmas trees in this poor neighborhood too.  According to the city you should put it in a visible accessible location.  Your driver will collect it as soon as they can.  Until then? Well, I'm sure the squirrels will enjoy a place to play!

Was that another one of my bad jokes? Sure was. Stay warm and safe during Snowpocalypse Round 2!

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