As a vegetarian who switched to plant-based after reading, watching and researching profusely about the effects of animal products on both your body and the environment and deciding plant-based was best for myself, I'm always excited to see studies come out that corroborate my conclusions. And this study is saying that white poultries like chicken can be just as bad for you as red meats. Pretty breaking stuff considering it's always been viewed as the healthier, cleaner protein option.

Eating poultry might be just as bad for you as consuming red meat. A new study, published on Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that consuming chicken--yes, even just the white meat--can raise a person's blood cholesterol levels similarly to red meat.

UPI reports that the new findings contradict guidelines from health groups that say eating poultry is better for heart health than red meat.

And get this: they say the best proteins for one's cholesterol levels are from vegetables, legumes, and dairy. A vegetarian's dream.

As always, you should do what's right for your own body, and taking information like this to heart (no pun intended, or maybe completely intended), can help you make the best, most informed decision for you.

Go ahead, plant-eaters. More on the study here. 



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