If you've read any of these Taco Tuesday reviews you know that Tuesday's are like a holiday around the radio station. Mateo and I are always so excited to find the next taco spot deserving a 5 out of 5 tacos score. Today is Election day and while many people were trying to figure out what to stress eat we knew exactly where to go for lunch thanks to a tip from one of you via our IG page @kissboise.

Before we get into the good stuff let me first say that we never accept free food because our goal is to give the KISS-FM listener / reader / viewer an unbiased review. If we accepted free food we might be tempted to give someone a favorable review that they don't deserve.

Antonios kitchen 2

Antonio's Kitchen on Ustick in Boise is the spot that was recommended to us today and honestly I had no idea what to expect, was this a dine in spot? a taco truck? heck this could of been another taco bus like the one in Nampa. The minute we pulled up I saw someone's tacos and I knew these were gonna be good. I had my standard order, a carne asada, a pollo and an adobada taco. They we're all delicious! the key to their tacos is that they allow the tortillas to soak up a bit of the grease from the meat which takes the flavor to another level. Mateo scored the Antonio's kitchen 5 out of 5 tacos ( a perfect score) I gave Antonio's 4.5 out of 5 tacos only because I felt like the asada taco could of been a bit juicier. Don't get me wrong it was delicious and I would order it again. If you need to stress eat today or just eat for the pleasure of it, Antonio's Kitchen is definitely a place to go.


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