This week as we continued our quest for the Treasure Valley's best tacos we stayed in Ada county but definitely went a little off the beaten path to the Albertson's parking lot on 5 mile and Lake Hazel. No, we did not go to Albertson's for tacos on this scorching hot Taco Tuesday. First let me say that it's been a rough couple of Taco Tuesdays, the last couple of weeks have been subpar and we we're really hoping for some good tacos today. Listener Jenny suggested we hit Basilios Taco truck and since we had heard good things from other people we headed to south Boise.

Our food was prepared quickly and our customary Adobada, Asada and Pollo tacos were hot and accompanied by rice and beans for $9.95. The adobada had great flavor and the green salsa was a good compliment, the pollo ( grilled chicken ) was tasty but the carne asada was the most flavorful. I would definitely go back and as a matter of fact I'm planning on it. On a scale of 1-5 tacos I gave it a 3.5 only because the beans had a bit of a sour taste to them. On the other hand Mateo scores Basilios a 3.8

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