Honestly I was so excited for lunch today because on top of not having breakfast this morning I felt like the tacos I had the night before were not real tacos. I mean they were tacos but they were wrapped in lettuce, there was no actual tortilla. Needless to say I was ready for the real thing. Before we get into the good stuff let me first say that we never accept free food because our goal is to give the KISS-FM listener / reader / viewer an unbiased review. If we accepted free food we might be tempted to give someone a favorable review that they don't deserve.

Campos Overland 2

Today Mateo and I set out to find this taco truck on the corner of Morris Hill and Overland. After circling a few times, we figured out that the particular truck we were looking for was no longer in that parking lot. We we're bummed but immediately noticed we were caddy corner from Campos Market on Overland. When I say this was a pleasant surprise... It was two fold, not only were we surprised that the place was there but the tacos turned out to be great! I ordered a Carne Asada, Al Pastor and Carnitas taco ( I stayed away from the chicken taco because it was shredded not grilled ). The tortillas were made fresh and the carne asada was juicy, the al pastor tasted great with green salsa. The carnitas we're moist but not drenched with grease and the red salsa complimented it well. These tacos were so good that both Mateo and I ordered a 4th taco. At $150 per taco I found them to be well worth it. We were impressed enough by these tacos to score them 4 out of 5 tacos. If you try the very authentic Campos Market on Overland you will not be disappointed.



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