Every Tuesday Mateo and I head out in search for the holy grail of all Taco Shops and today we found something exceptional. Before I go any further let me say that we do not accept free food in order to keep ourselves completely honest and therefore not mislead you in any way shape or form.

Today Mateo decided that we would do the 2C slide and head to Nampa. Apparently when he was a kid his Grandmother would take him to Tacos Lupita. To my surprise when we pulled up the taco shop was inside a bus... yes a bus! We've all heard about Taco trucks but this is a Taco Bus that includes seating for about 10 people.

We ordered our typical Carne Asada, Chicken and Adobada tacos but there was nothing typical about these tacos. Lupita herself takes your order and then makes fresh corn tortillas on the spot for your tacos. Delicious is a huge understatement when it comes to the tacos at Lupita's. They're so full of flavor yet so light. We loved the 3  tacos so much that we ended up trying a fish taco as well. You can taste the fresh ingredients in every bite.

Lupita and her husband we're so kind, I felt like I was speaking with my parents. Today we did not have lunch, today was an experience. Mateo and I both give Tacos Lupita in Nampa 6 tacos out of a possible 5... Yes that's how good it is. Follow them on IG @TacosLupitaNampa


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