Tacos, Oh how I love thee... Sorry that's intended for a Taco Tuesday poem that I'm writing later... LOL... The reality is that I love tacos to the point of marriage, okay maybe I'm doing too much but you get the point. Every Tuesday Mateo and I seek out the best tacos in the Treasure Valley and this week our curiosity took us to "Taqueria El Chino" on Franklin and Maple Grove.

Before we go any further allow me to state my disclaimer / mission. We do not accept free food because the purpose of the Taco Tuesday review is to give the KISS-FM listeners / reader an unbiased opinion. If we accepted free food we may feel obligated to give someone a more favorable review and that violates the purpose.

Taqueria El Chino 2

Let me start by saying that last week our Taco Tuesday review was a 5 out of 5 so we knew that this week was going to have to be really, really good in order to get a decent score. Taqueria El Chino has really good salsa specially the burnt red variety, the beans and rice that we're included in their 3 taco combo were also really good. I ordered a Carne Asada, Adobada and Pollo taco. Honestly they were fine, I would even say they were good... but good is not great. I was more excited about the sides and salsa. Would I go back? Not if Lorena's down the street was open. Mateo gave Taqueria El Chino 3 out of 5 tacos and I scored it 3.5 out of 5.


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