Our first of maybe many Keke and Kat Court sessions: We'd like to call Cassidy and Trevor up to the bench.

This actually started with a 'Dear Keke and Kat' letter, and we decided to get our friends over at The Advocates involved plus this once-happy couple on the phone. We need your help, though. Listen to their points, read their story and then we want you, the Jury, to weigh in on who you think should get to have the sold out Garth Brooks tickets?



The age old question: when you break up, who gets what? How do you properly split your items? And what happens to the items that you can't split. like a pair of tickets?

Dear Keke and Kat:


My boyfriend and I bought Garth Brooks tickets together when they went on sale. He's both of our favorites, but probably more mine than his. Since then, we've broken up and the only thing we can't agree to when it comes to the split is: who gets to keep the Garth tickets and take someone to the show? We obviously don't want to go together.


Here's the details on the split that are important to who gets to go: we broke up because he cheated on me and I found out. He didn't just cheat once, he is dating this other girl that he cheated with. And that's who he'd be bringing to the show. My Garth Brooks ticket that I waited in the cue online for over an hour for and she'd be getting to use it.


The second important thing: he did buy the tickets. But they were a gift to me. They were supposed to be an anniversary present and that's why he paid. I got him a different gift, so it's not like he did this out of the kindness of his heart and got nothing in return. He's already used the gift I got him, and now he wants to keep the gift he got me, and use it with the girl he cheated with? I feel like these tickets should be mine to take a friend or whoever I want to the show with me.

So who do you think should keep the tickets? You're the jury! Give us your vote via FB, IG or twitter. We'll be hearing from our friends at The Advocates, too, to give us the final decision!

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