Outside of co-habitating with a couple different boyfriends, I've never had a roommate. I love my own space way too much, plus have two cats that I treat as my daughters and wouldn't trust someone else to not shut the front door or close the toilet lid and suddenly they'd be in the streets covered in toilet water.

But for those of you who have had a roomie, you've maybe had at least one bad experience. They don't pay their rent on time, they leave dishes in the sink or they have guests over a little too often. Maybe you've had a roommate like this:

Dear Keke and Kat:


My roommate moved in a few months ago and I thought we'd be a good match for living together, but about a month in, she proved me wrong.


Not only does she constantly have her boyfriend over spending the night, but she never contributes to the household items, either! When it's her turn to buy toilet paper, dish or laundry soap or things like that, she conveniently "forgets" or "doesn't get paid until next week" and I have to end up doubling down and buying them again. Not a huge thing, but it's adding up.


And her boyfriend. He's the worst. He sleeps in past when she goes to work! So I'll be getting ready for work, and he'll come out of her room and help himself to making coffee in the kitchen, after she's gone! It's just too much. I've made some indirect comments about it, but she doesn't get it, and it's a little uncomfortable to bring it up. What's my best way to deal with this?

That's a lot. I'd have said something a long time ago, but she's right- it is uncomfortable!

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