Anyone who's already gone through being a rebellious teen, or had siblings who wouldn't stay out of their room, or just wanted their privacy has gone through this. And if you're a parent, you've probably already dealt with this or will with your own kids.

Dear Keke and Kat,

My wife and I have 2 kids, 16 and 11. Our 16 year old is a girl and 11 year old a boy. Our daughter recently is certain that she needs and deserves a lock on her bedroom door. She has a couple reasons for wanting one. Her little brother supposedly is always bothering her, in her room, going through her things, etc. But the other part is that she wants 'privacy'. If it was just about her brother, I'd be okay with it. But privacy? What does my 16 year old daughter need privacy from? I'm not okay with this, and she isn't getting the lock.

Her mom and I disagree with this. Her mom thinks that it's her right as a teenage girl to have privacy. I don't think that's true. What does she think she's going to do in there? What's she hiding? What's she worried about us finding?

This has become a huge fight in the household. Her mom siding with her, and myself on an island trying to keep rules in the house. Should I give in?

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