Since National Mario Day was on Tuesday, this week it's only appropriate to celebrate the greatest video game of all time!  As much as I love this game, I'm kicking myself for taking it out of the box!

I'm fairly sure my dad only bought my sister and I a Nintendo 64 to get us to come home from my best friend's house.  We'd waste hours upon hours at her house playing Mario Kart 64.  That game is the reason that my 64 has moved everywhere with me.  I hooked it up in my dorm room senior year.  It made the voyage to Boise with me.  I bought it a new cable after my cat annihilated the original.  I still love creaming all of my friends and their kids when we pull it out to play.

But part of me wants to cry when I see how much I could score on eBay for an original, sealed in box copy of my favorite video game!

Image via eBay
Image via eBay

Almost $350 dollars?  Hard to swallow, but I think the 20 years of joy this game brought me.  OMG...Mario Kart 64 is 20 YEARS OLD?! When did I get that old?!

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