Apparently I can take on the title of "The Scam Man" these days because for the second day in a row, I cam across a scam that we should all be aware of. Having grown up in this crazy digital age, it's so easy--in my opinion--to spot a scam. Some can be sneaky, however, and this one is one that you should keep in mind.

Just last night I posted up a scam hitting phones via calls right here in Idaho that claimed to be the Publishers Clearing House. It was brought to the attention of authorities after an Idaho couple nearly wire transferred over $800 to an individual in Florida who claimed to be the Publishers Clearing House--and would be using that money to come up to Idaho and grant them $250,000.

Today, authorities are reporting that a text scam is going around and it's claiming to be Amazon and/or FedEx. The scam, which is coming across as a fake delivery notification, takes you via a web link to a "free survey" on a web page that looks like Amazon.  The survey then asks for your credit card information in order to receive a monthly gift...plot twist: there's no gift and your credit card info will be used and abused.

Be on the look out for ALL scam-like texts, however this one in particular is on the rise right now.

Looking to know how to handle spam texts and calls on your cell? Click HERE for iPhone and HERE for Android.


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