What an eventful Superbowl this year with all the storylines. Where do we even begin with the drama that was unwritten but talked about everywhere.

I was personally excited to see what Justin Timberlake was going to do for the halftime show. We're giving away a trip to see Justin in Salt Lake City and was wondering about a twist with certain celebs. Didn't happen. JT just smashes his hits!

I laughed out loud to a few of these commercials like the Doritos and Mountain Dew with Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage. I especially thought the Manning commercial with the Dirty Dancing theme was funny. Don't even get me started on that Alexa commercial. But my absolute favorite commercial? Commercial Tire during the local ad time.

The Commercial Tire aired towards the end and I loved it. It was honest. Local. Home.

I'll take you back nine years ago when I was really struggling here in Boise. I'd only been living in the Treasure Valley for about eight months and we had just finished up Live For 175 (annual child abuse prevention campaign). I'm not really sure how the topic came up. I didn't solicit anything, but I'm pretty sure I was using myself as the punchline in a joke. I commented on how my tires were bald and you could see the wires purging the sides. We all laughed at that moment as the show ended.

Immediately after my show, I received a call from an anonymous listener.

Kekeluv, it's XXXXXXXXX from Commercial Tire. I heard about your dilemma and we would like to take care of that problem for you. You mean alot to our community and what you guys have done for the kids.

I remember this like it was yesterday because no matter how badly I needed those tires I declined. This wasn't having it. He told me to take my care to the nearest location and they would replace them at no charge with one stipulation.

We're not looking for free mentions or any kind of praise for this. We just wanted to take care of this. You don't need to thank us. This is our thanks to you.

That was such an emotional moment for me. Have you ever been dirt broke? I was scraping together anything I could when I first arrived in Boise. I was borrowing money from a friend and it was slim. That call from somebody at Commercial Tire to deliver a kind gesture wasn't forgotten.

That's why my favorite of the night was something from Commercial Tire. It could have been on another channel but that's what I remembered. I don't talk about it much because they asked me not to, but I think it's been long enough. Great people are great people.

Thanks to everyone at Commercial Tire for helping out a brotha when he needed it and making an everlasting impression on me.

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