Remember the Solar Eclipse in August 2017? Our offices handed out glasses to everyone and there was a solid hour where no one had to work and we went outside to see the sun disappear.

Get ready for the next LUNAR Eclipse (no glasses needed) just a few weeks away on January 20-21. This isn't a regular Lunar Eclipse, this will actually be a Super Blood Wolf Moon, a trifecta of lunar activities. This is the combination of a total lunar eclipse, a super blood moon and a wolf moon. The stars will be much more visible because the moon will be about 1/100th of it's usual brightness and the moon will look reddish copper. And Idaho is a perfect place to view it from because of our dark skies.

The lunar eclipse will take place from around 7:36 pm on Sunday, January 20, until 12:48 a.m. on Monday, January 21. Scientists predict that this will be the last lunar eclipse before 2021, so make sure you set a reminder to watch!



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