That was a packed weekend! We got to do everything from hitting the scooters, peeping all our bird nests, Derby party, and just hanging out in the sun.

The weekend started with a gazillion calls to me regarding a post that caught on Friday. There is a certain artist coming and people are freaking out. Let me say for the people watching over me, "could be coming." You'll have to keep close attention to find out who very soon. Then it was off to the Derby!

Photo by: Kekeluv

She is a looking fabulous in her Derby style hat right? That's Leo looking sweet on her blanket in the sunshine this weekend. While everyone was freaking out over the disqualification during the Kentucky Derby, Leo was showing off her new Summer outfit. Pretty adorable ❤️

I was cleaning up to find not one, but two bird nests in my yard. How does this keep happening yo! We have one in the front and back now with baby Robins in them. We have to wait till their gone now but my first run in was pretty terrible. You have to be careful because the worst nest ever is when to get in your oven vent from the outside. This was such a nightmare! There is nothing worse than getting a ladder and grabbing a birds nest through the vents.

There was also Cinco De Mayo Because of all the events we've been hosted this has been moved this upcoming weekend. There is no way we miss this day and every day is a great day for Mexican food!

I was able to spend some great time with my son on his scooter and just out playing. Lennox has had a laundry list of health challenges and is really starting to grow out of them. He is still a bit of a mystery but looks to be growing out of those allergies. This kid is the sweetest and this weekend I realized he loves to say, "Hey, daddy" times 1000. Someone told me I'd miss that one day so now I'm trying to embrace it. Lennox is on repeat, "Hey daddy!" Couldn't be more in love with him.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Everyone is doing great and getting ready for Summer. My wife and those little ones have all battled through the flu, pneumonia, allergies, and then some. Leo still isn't sleeping but she smiles like no other baby I've seen before. They say the best thing you can do for your kids is to make them smile and laugh. Our kids get that 24/7.

Enjoy some of our weekend moments and I thought I'd share considering so many people ask about them when I'm out. They are all doing great

Keke Fam MAY 2019