When people hear “paranormal activity”, people usually think of the popular horror film that tells the story of a violent demon terrorizing a couple in their California home. Now, when we went to social media to ask people to share their paranormal activity experiences, we didn’t expect to get any stories that would fit right into the classic horror film… but we did.

While I typically try to avoid thinking of moments where a ghost or being from beyond could be lurking around when I’m by myself, I will admit that I’ve had experiences that I felt were a little weird. At our old house, we would hear talking and laughter coming from our attic. We would also find items mysteriously placed around our old house in spots I knew our children could not possibly reach. I won’t say I’m not skeptical by any means, because I like to think there’s always a reason something happens.

These stories from Idahoans, however? I’m grabbing the family, loading everyone up into the car, and heading to the closest church. No way did we expect to get some of these creepy stories that we did, but here we are and I’m regularly looking over my shoulder as I write this. Make sure the lights are on, the doors are locked and enjoy these terrifying, nightmare-fueling ghost stories from Idahoans.

These Idahoan Ghost Stories Are Giving Us Nightmare Fuel

Idahoans share their scariest paranormal activity experiences that will give you nightmare fuel.

Downtown Boise's Nightclub Ghost

When hundreds of bodies fill into StrangeLove on a Friday or Saturday night, the venue is far from quiet. Loud music keeps the dancefloor going, patrons are screaming and yelling, celebrating and singing along, fighting with their boyfriends--whatever it may be. That only accounts for two nights of the week, though. What about on the other nights when you could hear a pen drop in the empty club? How about a barstool dropping?

According to club owner Ted Challenger, the club has a resident that has been dead-- for years--since about 1906. Her spirit lives on, allegedly, and this security cam footage is chilling!

The 15 Most Haunted Places In The Treasure Valley

The Boise area is full of ghosts! These are the 15 places that you are most likely going to have a run-in with the paranormal.

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