Unless this is your very first time visiting any website originating out of Idaho, you've most likely heard that there is an influx of people from California moving here.

Maybe it's the lush views surrounding you no matter where you visit in Idaho. Maybe it's the warm, kind-hearted people who live here. Maybe it's potato vodka. There's no telling. We're just guessing here, but it's probably the potato vodka.

But regardless of why they're coming here, people do be movin' from California to Idaho. More specifically, into Eagle, Idaho, of all places.

Eagle is gorgeous, and considered among many to be one of Idaho's hidden treasures. One of those spots in the Treasure Valley that locals hold dear. Well, that might be changing, as some Idahoans have now started referring to Eagle as "Little Orange County."

However, the reason why isn't what you're thinking. Honestly, it's probably the last thing you're thinking. We were surprised too.

You may not be privy to the fact that Eagle, Idaho is actually known for one of its most profitable exports: Little oranges.

Anywhere you drive in Eagle, Idaho, you'll see signs for little oranges, billboards promoting little oranges, and even local businesses with punny names based on little oranges. It's a crazy place.

So next time you're traveling across Idaho and find yourself stopping in Eagle, do make sure to make it a point to pick up some world famous Eagle, Idaho little oranges!


Yes, this is satire. Hope you got a laugh. Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas :)


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