There've been some doozies it when it comes to the subject matter of jokes about Idaho.

In case you missed it, this extremely brave comedian absolutely rips the state of front of a crowd in Idaho! The weirdest part is their reaction to it.

Also, if you look up "jokes about Idaho," you're more than likely going to end up with punchlines about hillbillies and trailer parks. We're not making that up. We checked.

This time, perhaps the joke is on us, because we're simply not getting the punchline.

Here's the joke:

You know you're from Idaho when maps and gloves are kept in your vehicle's "jockey box."

Yes, we're aware of what a jockey box is. Portable draft beer cooler device thingy. Pretty cool, and pretty useful! The thing is, who do you know that stores their maps and gloves inside one of those things?

The obvious issue is water damage. If there's even a tiny leak inside your jockey box, you can say bye bye bye to that map you printed off. Also, why are you using maps? Just use your phone.

Also, what's the advantage of storing your gloves inside your jockey box? We're pretty sure no matter where you are when you find yourself with both a pair of gloves and a jockey box that there's a better place to store your gloves.

Maybe Idaho humor is too high-brow for a radio station website. Maybe we need to bust out our jockey box, tap that, drink some liquid inspiration and revisit this later.


Here's a joke that we actually did find funny!

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