When a standup comedian goes on tour from city to city, you're bound to hear a joke or two about a place they recently performed. That's not out of the ordinary, right? We hear it all the time.

We've even encountered jokes about our fair state of Idaho, and while they can be pretty brutal, we still got a good laugh out of them.

Making fun of the place you're performing in, however, is a new flex that we simply weren't ready for.

Standup comedian Steve Hofstetter posted this clip on his YouTube account all the way back in 2016, but it's gaining popularity and spreading again in 2023. We won't spoil the jokes or the punchlines for you, but in the clip, Hofstetter basically lambasts Idaho while performing in front of an Idaho crowd, and the audience's reaction is...something.

This guy has guts! Could you imagine getting up in front of a crowd of strangers and telling them all about why the state they choose to call home sucks? If you look at Hofstetter's account these days, he's more or less become a tactician at taking on a heckler or a rowdy crowd. Maybe he was in Idaho testing out how far he could push a crowd before they turned on him?

Either way, he handled it like an absolute pro.

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