Every year, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies come from all around to see a sight that definitely stands out when the lights come down in Boise: The Boise Capitol Building lit up with rainbow lights for Boise Pride! We absolutely love to see it.

Paying for it? Well, that's another matter.

First thing to know: Boise Pride finances the lighting system in question. It's not paid for by taxes, or the city, or anything like that. Just know that, because they're footing a pretty hefty bill for y'all!

On a normal year, Boise Pride spends about $5,000 on lighting up the Capitol Building. That goes toward lighting, equipment, and generators. This year, there's been a hiccup. Due to circumstances out of their control, Boise Pride now has to set up lights in a more sophisticated manner than normal, according to Donald Williamson, executive director for Boise Pride:

This means we have to set the lights up across the street from the actual Capitol Building (on Jefferson),. This location is considerably more expensive than the tradition typically costs us due to the distance, intensity of lights and equipment needed.

The worst part? It's going to cost a lot more.

It's going to be about $10,000 more — we budgeted $5,000. It's going to cost about $15,000 total.


If you want to help Boise Pride light up the capitol for years to come, you're more than welcome to lend a helping hand and donate here.


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