May 2012's partial solar eclipse was petty cool, but it'll seem like it was no big deal after the total solar eclipse expected over Boise this August!

According to "Great American Eclipse" Idaho is the absolute best place to watch the total solar eclipse on August 21st.  Not only does it does the Gem State fall in what's called the "path of totality" (where the sun is completely blocked by the moon,) it's also the perfect spot based on weather conditions and low light pollution. It'll take about two hours for the moon to cross the sun and it'll clock out the sun for two minutes during it's peak.

The Solar Eclipse Is Observed In Asia
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Boise is just out of the path where the sun is totally covered up by the moon, but small towns like Weiser, Cascade, Smiths Ferry, Stanley, Rexburg and Driggs fall right in the center of the eclipse's path.  Boise State physic's professor Brian Jackson is expecting those towns to be hit a huge onslaught of tourists from across the world so he's launched a crowdfunding campaign to help town leaders prep for their arrival.

Jackson plans to use the money raise through the campaign to send Boise State representatives to local libraries, astronomy clubs and science museums in those communities to make presentations about the eclipse.  Since the total eclipse is visible to the naked eye but looking directly at the sun before or after it's peak can damage the eyes, they also want to use the money to buy 9,000 eclipse viewing shades to pass out.

To support the campaign click HERE.

If you're hoping to get a camping spot or hotel room for the day of the eclipse, book soon! People started inquiring about lodging accommodations as early as 2005.

August 21 2017 Eclipse Path

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