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The time has come for me to step in and assist a sista on dating during this very messy social dating era. I'm still amazed by everyone who gives up on dating apps because they, "suck." That's interesting because you though Tinder was a vehicle to L.O.V.E. Avenue?

Girl paleeeze! Don't look at me sideways with the, "You've been married you don't understand!" I'm battle-tested and very well versed on dating socially because nothing has changed with one exception, it's gotten easier!

Singles continue with their dating app frustrations because it's more of a slap in the face. I don't know how many times a girl will show me some Tinder DM from some guy getting right to the sexual point. I mean you can't hate on someone admittingly just being a douche. Dude is a tool girl and some ladies are looking for it. Shallow exists and Tinder breeds this type of dating. Then again, you signed up for it ✅

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Don't tell me you know someone's cousin who knows a guy that is married to someone who read that a person got married after meeting on Tinder. Are we really reaching to justify our own dating woes by quoting someone's maybe someone else on what might have happened?

You're judging dating apps the wrong way and I'll explain. Why do you use dating apps? Because it's easier? More convenient? Safer? Dating apps just open the door for a quicker route to disappointment. If you go out on a Saturday night how many guys or girls would you meet in one night?

Never! Nobody ever approaches me in real life - Kat Fisher

How many people would that relay to socially?

I might engage in swiping on 20 guys but may only choose really go right on one - Kat Fisher

Let's get a guy's perspective like Mateo that hosts the afternoon and night show.

If I'm swiping I might go right on 3-5 girls and in public...maybe 1 that I would even talk to.

The problem is only with yourself. You're more let down because your average is much higher at communicating. You constantly swipe left (disappointed with lack of creativity or selection) and then you swipe right on one (disappointed because it's only one) 💔

Dating is supposed to be fun, exciting and adventurous. Don't get frustrated because every guy you meet doesn't love you instantly. I know, I know "I'm continuously shocked by these men" as Kat rattles off in the background. Look, select wisely because have even more access to you.

Here are a few tips to help filter out the "D-Bag"

  • Pay for an online dating service/app. Get the premium version no matter what the price because it's really not that much but guys are cheap. Filter out those guys matching yourself with other paying customers.
  • Standards. Standards. Standards. You have standards so why do you settle on these bad dudes? Set standards and stick by them. Don't be overly crazy on "his nose might be too big?"
  • Why are you really subscribed to these dating sites? If you just wanna hook-up then don't get your feelings hurt when you're let down after. Take dating serious but have fun.
  • Have fun ⏫Nobody is looking for a person that wants to get married this week. If you're so focused on finding the perfect person you might just be setting yourself up for discouragement. Be fun and less serious about the future. Date.
  • Listen to the person that most likely pisses you off the most! This is imperative. I'm always shocked by people who steer their emotional distress signals towards people who have no idea. These are the people you look to for advice? Would you seek advice from a bankrupted person on investing or saving? Love advice from someone who's been divorced 5 times? (No offense 😉I'm sure you're nice)

The truth can sting and while this movie is just that - it's honest. You should watch the Ugly Truth and make note that a majority of this storyline showcases how simple guys are. Good Luck!

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