This week seems to always creep up on us and pass through without much notice. Unfortunately, mental health doesn't function on Mondays or targeted at weekends. Suicidal thoughts can attack at any moment and that's why this moment is so important.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and the beginning of Suicide Prevention Week. So many reasons why this is one of the most important weeks of the year. I feel like we hit these moments of awareness and then life goes back to normal.

While we had back to the routine someone in the age range of 15-29 years old will struggle with enemy number one, suicide. We need to do whatever we can to support a neighbor, co-worker, classmate or an acquaintance. Mental health issues are visible in almost every newscast and online when we power on. I feel like the subject is always brought up during a tragedy but goes away when the cycle changes. This is a good week to have the discussion.

There is a Hotline Semicolon Tattoo Fundraiser happening this afternoon from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. at Resurrected Tattoo in Boise off Orchard Street. Feel free to go support the cause and get a semicolon tattoo.

Why a semicolon? A period implies the end. This is reminder and s statement for others struggling that you've decided to pause your problems and not just end life. I feel like it's always there as a symbol when you might be feeling helpless. Mental health is scary because you lose yourself and I fear anyone finding themselves in that space.

Courtesy: Resurrected Tattoo Piercing
Courtesy: Resurrected Tattoo Piercing

I've spent over 13 years discussing mental health with listeners in every age range. I remember 5 situations off the top of my head that I was involved with. Never take a threat lightly because I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that when someone is in that space it's your responsibility to aid them. Impose yourself and don't be afraid to offend.

Don't think of it like, "What if I'm wrong?" The REAL question is, "What if you're right?"

Suicide Prevention is all of our responsibilities and this is a great week to share your care with someone else. Instead of blasting people on social media; give a compliment. Just a thought.

I applaud everyone at the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline and at Resurrection Tattoo. This is a difficult subject to tackle and they do it head-on.

Hotline Semicolon Tattoo Fundraiser

  • When: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 12 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Where: Resurrected TattooPiercing, 610 N Orchard St, Boise, Idaho 83706

Your story isn't over;

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