Keke and Lennox

How fitting is it that today is National Doctor's Day. We are bracing across the world for the coronavirus to make it's way through our doors and these doctor's gear up to face it.

I believe that a day like this goes away unless something has impacted your life. That's okay too. Don't feel guilty because that's kind of how life works. You probably feel different about physicians until one saves your life.

I've been watching the thousands of men and women suiting up daily to fight this coronavirus pandemic. Most of us hide our families from these deadly epidemics that enter our communities and yet these professionals don't. This day is much more different than any other. Doctors are taking care of us against a virus that they don't even understand. Nobody knows how to fix it or eliminate it. We all just have the same advice and that's not even bulletproof right now. This dreadful virus is attacking everyone right now including our doctors on the front lines.

I've watched doctors save my entire family and would do it again even if that meant losing their own life. Doctors aren't perfect because nobody is but I've witnessed that determination to solve the problem that is mesmerizing. I remember our doctor visiting on Christmas morning because he wanted to check on our son Lennox. He was off but felt it important to spend a few minutes with us because he understood how hard it was for us.

I could go on for days but I'm sure you have your own stories. Join me in thanking our men and women who promise to do their best to take care of us.

Happy National Doctor's Day.

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