Ada County Sheriffs are on the lookout for whoever is shooting out windows of vehicles in South Boise.

The shootings happened over the weekend, and at the moment, there are five known incidents in South Boise. The shootings occurred on South White Cliff Avenue, West Mossywood Drive and West Portola Drive.

The odd thing about the shootings is that none of the vehicles were burglarized. The suspect (or suspects) shot out the windows of random vehicles, and then were on their way. So, as of right now, it seems to be as simple as someone destroying property simply for the thrill of it.

Police say based on the crime scenes, the vehicles appear to have been shot using a BB or pellet gun, not an actual firearm. This comes right after numerous firearm owners have attempted to bring guns on numerous planes in Idaho.

While this seems like a pretty victimless crime, it can get pricey. On average, it can cost vehicle owners $200 to replace one window, and that's not including any tint that may have been on the glass.

Any idea on who might have committed all this vandalism? Contact Ada County non-emergency dispatch at 377-6790. Also, you may want to check Crime Stoppers most wanted to see if any criminals on the run could be connected to these shootings.


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