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How can this not scare parents to their core? Aren't we all afraid of things that could bad influences for our children. I'm a daddy to an amazing little boy (Lennox) and sweet little baby girl (Leo). Negative online influence petrifies me and this "MoMo Challenge" is encouraging our kids to kill themselves. Are you scared yet?

This thing went viral Wednesday and I received messages simultaneously from two different people regarding this online scare for our kids. My wife said that our friend Maggie O'Mara from KTVB posted about this Youtube for Kids scare. I received a text from my friend Lucky The Dj about this viral challenge that would scare the crap out of me being a parent. What is this "MoMo Challenge?"


Reports have been circulating online about this viral ghost story accompanied by a deranged-looking figure to scare you to death. There is supposedly reports of Kids Youtube that has been infiltrated by this "MoMo Challenge" figure that randomly makes it's way into your kids shows.

We have Youtube for kids and this is the kind of stuff that shakes us to the core. We try to watch what our kids are doing online but what if it's a kids app? These apps are supposed to protect us from these type of demons trying to destroy our kids. I'm furious that we continue to see people who want nothing more than to harm us. What do we do?

BE A PARENT. I realize that you might have a baby on your hip, another watching tv, another pulling at you and the easiest fix is a tablet. It goes the same for tv. We have to be better parents and not rely on a gadget to parent for us. I understand it's easier said than done and during that doctor's appointment, it's the easiest fix. Trust me, we put it on Kids Youtube while out sometimes. We just have to literally watch what our kids are seeing. We owe that to them because they just don't know how to parent themselves yet.

I just wanted to post this so you were aware. Full disclaimer that this originated last year and has resurfaced. We haven't seen a lot of first-person encounters regarding this challenge but it should be a reminder that technology is making it 10 times harder to keep our kids safe. Most of these apps have parental features that you can set. Always l


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