We're not sure what its name is, but it is pretty damn cute! 

Ok, so it's not a real squirrel!  It's the medal you get when you cross the line in at Final Kick Events' "Lake Lowell" races next weekend!  The marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K races feature the only medal in the world starring a water skiing squirrel and you don't have be the fastest person on two feet to add one to your collection.  All finishers, regardless of race distance or time receive a medal.  The longer the race you run the bigger your squirrel medal will be. (Marathoners = 5", Half Marathoners = 4", 10K = 3.5" and 5K=3")

Image via Final Kick Events
Image via Final Kick Events

The course is a welcome change for Boise based runners who've been struggling to find races or training routes since flooding has over taken the Greenbelt.  This one starts and ends at Lake Lowell Park and takes you around the 2C's beautiful Lake Lowell! (Seriously, watch the drone footage below from one of the past Lake Lowell races.  You might now realize there's such a breathtakingly beautiful part of Nampa!)

Hoping to run your best time so far in 2017? You're in luck! This is a pretty quick course! (I ran my fastest marathon there in 2012...and never touched that time again.) In 2013, the Lake Lowell Marathon had the fastest average finish time of every single marathon in the state. It cranks out a handful of Boston Marathon Qualifiers every year!

Want to run it to get your water skiing squirrel medal? Online registration ends Tuesday at midnight! Sign up HERE tsmtoday!

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