If you're not from Idaho, then you probably think we're most well known for our potatoes and...well that's most likely all you know.

If you actually live in Idaho, especially the Treasure Valley and Boise area, then you're privy to the absolutely fantastic food scene we have here. As locals, we hear from visitors all the time how surprised they are at not only the wide selection of food available in Boise, but how tasty it all is! We humbly agree.

However, there is one food item that isn't as easy to come by in Idaho's capitol city as you might think.

That's right. We're talking about Coney Island Hot Dogs.


Yes, you can absolutely find some spots in Boise that'll serve you a hot dog with chili and possibly onions. But this is the king of hot dogs we're talking about! It should be city code that any restaurant within 30 miles of Boise has to serve coney dogs on their menu. Ah, a boy can dream.

We need to get some 100% Coney Island Hot Dog joints here! We're talking a tasty frank, chili with just a hint of spice, freshly diced onions, and mustard. Cheese? Oh yes you can add cheese. But cheese is optional.

What do you think? Does Boise need some additional options when it comes to chowing down on your most favorite chili dog in the entire world? Or maybe there's a different tasty food item you'd like to see more of here. Holler at us.

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