Now before you ask: Chris, what about the men? What do the men want? Don’t worry, we’re taking answers right now on our Facebook page, and believe me when I say it’ll be… interesting. Where I come from it has always been “ladies first” and being that this falls under Valentine’s Day, it’s the right thing to do. Let’s get back to the holiday that gets people divided on whether it’s superficial or the biggest day of the year to put your love on full display… Valentine’s Day.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person, no worries, this will be great! You get to sit back and enjoy the clown show that we can also call Singles Awareness Day. If you’re celebrating with a loved one and you have no idea what your lady-friend wants? You’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to research, we’ve got it down to a science here at Townsquare Media. We conducted our research surveying “experts” while utilizing the latest and greatest community-based software on the planet: Facebook.

Okay, so I’m reaching on the whole “innovative study” thing, but we did post to our Facebook page asking women right here in Idaho what women really want for Valentine’s Day. If you’re stuck on deciding what to do for your special lady, the “experts” got you covered.

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Struggling to find a gift for that special lady? No worries, we got you! We took to Facebook to ask Idaho women what they really want for Valentine's Day!

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