Even if you don't follow politics (oh my god, you must be so calm and happy), you've probably heard about the drama happening right now way down south in the state of Texas. In a nutshell, their governor basically wants full control over what happens at their border with Mexico, even trying to supersede federal law.

Now, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, this isn't a political blog. We get paid to play songs on the radio. However, it does leave us with a question:

Who's protecting Idaho's borders?

Just imagine it. A free-for-all where people from bordering states can simply enter Idaho at a whim, relocate here, work here, and even live here. The horror!

Jokes aside, here's why it would be terrible if Idaho completely dropped border protection and let anyone in to our fare state:

  • People from Oregon would flock to Idaho, bringing their year-round vests, organic vegan avocado toast, and their high salaries at their fancy tech jobs.
  • Folks from Nevada would enter with all their winnings from Vegas and Reno, then blow it all. Which, honestly, would be great for the local economy. Nevada gets a pass.
  • Utahns would travel North with all their children and Idaho would be overpopulated within two days.
  • No one would visit from Wyoming or Montana, because everyone knows nobody lives there.

What do you think? What would happen if Idaho's borders became nonexistent and literally anyone could come in and get cozy here?

Let's chat.

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