It happens every single year around the holidays.

There's that one person in your family who, without fail, sends you a Christmas card annually that...just doesn't sit right. It's either trying to send some subliminal message, make a statement about politics, or it's simply in bad taste and offensive. They're the cards you look at once, scoff, then immediately throw in the trash.

No matter who that person in your innermost circle might be, rest assured that you haven't seen the worst Christmas cards that Idaho has to offer. Oh no. The cards you're about to check out in a moment are, for us, the most offensive Christmas cards we've ever seen on sale in Idaho.

Now, we're not one for cancel culture, but is it too much to ask for a simple investigation on how these cards got approved?

Let's stop wasting time. Here are the offensive cards in question:

Whoever Approved These Idaho Christmas Cards Should Be Fired

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media


That's it. We've had it up to here with the potato jokes and Idaho. First we have to hear it from people in other states who've never even been here. Or it's a punchline to a joke on TV. But now we have to get made fun of in our mailboxes as well? Well, we simply will not stand for this kind of offensive content in the greate state of Idaho!


Just kidding! Of course these are made up. Be sure to send this to somebody you know in Idaho who might need a little...inspiration...for their holiday card this year :)


A Look Inside This Boise Christmas Speakeasy

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