Why would you ever be sad to be single for Valentine's Day?! I've been single for the past few and started a tradition of celebrating Galentine's Day with my best single girlfriends!

Personally, I love being single and I hate when people do the whole "awwww, don't worry, you're a great catch, I'm sure you'll find someone soon!" ... like, who said I was looking for someone? Who said I'm worried? I'm living life and loving being stress-free! Not to say all relationships stress you out but, most dudes I've dated have definitely been stressful if you know what I mean.

What will our Galentine's celebration look like? We're not sure yet, but Keke and I are planning a dope get together of women in the Treasure Valley who want to connect with other women and celebrate love and happiness and independence! Don't worry women in relationships, we'll let you come too.

Details soon to follow on location and what it will entail.. but we want to gauge interest from our listeners to see how many people would be interested in joining us. Hit us on IG and let us know if you'd be in! @kekeluv and @kitkatfisher

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