According to local authorities, "Civil Unrest" is in the air and that is resulting in the temporary closing of mailboxes throughout downtown Boise.

As I was running some errands this afternoon I noticed something strange-- a big red steel device was keeping a mail drop box shut. It caught my attention right away but I assumed it was because there was something wrong with the box or perhaps it was going to be taken out of rotation. It was a nearby local business owner that had made a comment about it.  He pointed me to the USPS press release and said that his workplace wouldn't be staying in the office this coming Wednesday, Inauguration Day, out of extreme caution. It seems there is a looming fear that local protests or protests all around the country will get out of hand. After seeing what happened in Washington D.C. just weeks ago, the caution makes sense.

If you're wondering where to NOT take your mail over the next few days, the list of closed down mailboxes is as follows:

  • 250 S. Fifth St.
  • 999 W. Main St.
  • 304 N. Fifth St.
  • 801 W. Idaho St.
  • 702 W. Idaho St.
  • 317 N. Ninth St.
  • 620 N. Sixth St.
  • 888 W. Fort St.
  • 701 W. Fort St.
  • 950 W. Bannock St.

Again, as stated in the United States Postal Service press release, this is not permanent:

These are temporary measures to protect postal property, employees and the public.

We expect these drop boxes to open back up by the end of the week, following inaugural ceremonies and proceedings.

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