I received a letter and this girl might be talking about you. I don't know much, but it's the innocence in the message that is magical and often forgotten. Read this sweet message and wonder if prince charming comes back.

Love Hearts
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Will Her First Kiss Come Back to Her?

Is it possible that true love can breathe when you are always surrounded by AS SEEN ON TV reality? I met my wife right before the TENDER app was every person's second date. Do you remember the last time you witnessed a few guys sitting around talking about real love?


I received a message from a girl wondering if her previous boyfriend feeling were real. They are both going through transitions in life and she's struggling to get beyond the, "what if?"  She isn't deeply in love or freaking out. This might just be called a, "feeling" she wants to get a hold of. There is definitely a guy though and he has touched this girls heart. The real question like most of us have asked ourselves several times, should she move on? I've asked some of the people in the office and all over their experience go in the way of the "hopeless romantic." Here's my response.

Dear Hopelessly holding out ❤️

Do it! Don't look back! Never wonder, "what if?" I applaud your enthusiasm of the "happily ever after" and "the soul-mate." We all began in life believing in those same words, phrases, and fairy tales. Do magical endings exist? Is it possible that this boy will show up on a particular date as if we were watching a scene in Bachelor wondering whether or not she will walk up and get the rose?

Some of us, including myself, would tell you all the right things to do. "Girl, you don't NEED to wait for any man!" or "You don't have time for that, you're too young! Go have fun and don't take love so serious!" Ahhhhh, spoken from actual old people. Yep, I said it. OLD FARTS! They might be reading and thinking, "26 is old!!!" I say NO it's not even close. You're only as old as you act and being mature different than getting old.

I remember the 15-year-old feeling of falling in love and that nothing else mattered. There is a note somewhere in Houston with her letters and a soaked perfume that has probably faded. We live in a life of instant gratification at our fingertips and whether we love it or hate it - it's only going to get worse.

I'm sure she could just call him and be honest, but what is romantic about that? She's turning 17 and ready for college in which life is going to change again. Why have we lost the passion for living and having fun? We don't romance anymore because we're too busy and nobody relishes our employment anymore because our bosses are too busy. Life is TOO busy. We forget to enjoy the freedoms of what makes us happy. Love stories make 16-year-old girls happy. Princesses make girls dream. Movies let us all imagine.

I will post your letter and read it on 103.5 Kissfm on Thursday, July 27, 2017, in the most listened to hour, 5 p.m. If this guy gets the message or doesn't get the note - who cares. Who are we to over think YOUR message? The beauty of your request is in the innocence of belief. Some of us would call it faith. I believe in faith, and some things are meant to be. I could give you an incredible grown-up talk about being too young, and I might be robbing you of dreaming about what could be. That's no fun!

I will read your letter and keep everything anonymous except for your nickname so that only HE will know it's YOU. Dream big! Be confident! Have fun and just maybe it's meant to be. If it doesn't work out - you'll be crushed no doubt. That's okay. That feeling is so raw that you should embrace it. The older you get - the less it hurts.

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