For most people, going to work five (more more) days a week isn't something they look forward to. Unless your job involves working with puppies or kittens, you probably fall into that category. So, would you want to spend less time at that job you're not so fond of, and get more free time with your friends and family? It could be the future for Idaho's workforce.

Some companies are changing their ways, having employees work only four days a week, with three days off every single week. As of a recent study, only about 8% of the American workforce are working four day weeks, with the rest of us clocking in for five, six, or even seven days. Which kind of feels ridiculous.

Here's the rub: That same study said that employees who work four-day work weeks not only experience the least amount of disengagement while at their job, but employees who only work four days a week reported having a better state of wellbeing than those working five-seven days a week.

So, will Idaho become the next place where employees are only asking their workers to be on the clock four days a week? Would you support your company asking you to report to them less often? Let's connect and see what you think. Just make sure you clock in first.


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