Just a week ago, I wrote about a major recall of frozen berries from Kroger, a major grocery chain. Locally, Kroger is the parent company of what we know as Fred Meyer. Two variations of frozen berries were recalled because of potential Hepatitis A.  You can find the scoop on that recall, which surrounded blackberries and berry medley's, HERE.  It's actually pretty ironic that then, I mentioned I have never been effected by a food recall. Now? I can't say the same.

WinCo Foods is now asking you to throw away their frozen, generically named, frozen raspberries. These are actually my favorites so I'm pretty bummed to see this is a thing--oh, and I've got some in my freezer as we speak. I'm just tossing mine out regardless, but there are some UPC codes and expiration dates to look for.

Have these frozen raspberries in your freezer? Check for these things on your bags:

  • UPC code: 70552-30501
  • Expiration Date: Feb/13/21
  • Lot Code: 4045902

All WinCo locations were selling bags from this batch including the ones right here in the Treasure Valley. Time to check your freezer!

The cause behind the recall is a potential Norovirus detection. No sickness has been reported yet, so the recall is proactive and all bags that fall under this umbrella in stores have been removed from shelves.

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