The other day I walked into a popular restaurant/bar to pick up a carry-out order in Meridian (that shall remain unnamed even though they should be named and publicly condemned) and was the ONLY one wearing a mask. Not even the workers behind the bar were wearing masks. Let's be honest with each other though, this isn't uncommon to see in some areas around the Treasure Valley.

Quite frankly I would have never walked into that restaurant in the first place if I knew the employees wearing not wearing mask and that COVID guidelines were not being followed. It wouldn't have been worth the possible exposure. Yelp is now doing something new to call out restaurants such as this.

Yelp will being crowdsourcing information to find out if a restaurant is properly complying with COVID rules and guidelines. So just like how you can tag a restaurant as having "available parking" or being "family-friendly," users will now be able to tag factors like "social distancing enforced" and "staff wears masks." You'll be able to report everything by answering pop-up surveys or by clicking the “Edit” icon next to the COVID-19 section on a business’s page.

If there are enough users who report the same things over a 28 day period, then the information will be reported and made publicly available for others to view. A green check mark will be shown next to the according measure if the majority majority of responses indicate that a health and safety measure is being enforced. For example, you'll see things like, “Social distancing enforced according to most users" followed by a green check. If responses are mixed or negative, then an orange question mark will appear next to the measure. For example, “Staff might not wear masks according to most users” or “Staff might not wear masks according to some users.”

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