I went down the rabbit hole a few hours ago and found a few things surrounding yoga. I posted about dog yoga when I received a message from my resident barista, Holly. That's when I felt captive to the endless number of pages that had anything to do with pets and yoga. That's when I saw Yoga and beer.

It looks like White Dog Brewing Boise taps this event the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. That means you can go grab a beer and get your yoga on with the girls.

This is a slow flow yoga class with smooth a balance of poses for all levels (I just plagiarized that sentence from their Facebook page because I know nothing about yoga lingo.) I would personally think a slow flow allows me to take sips in between moves but I'm kinda of sure that's not the deal. I doubt you're getting wasted while twirling yourself into a spaghetti noodle!

Yoga & Beer gets you a spot, token for beer for you to use AFTER the class. Bring your own mat and water bottle fyi.

Make sure to tag @kissboise with your photos if you decide to attend.


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