I'm rich! Well, if I could get into my Dad's attic, I'd be rich. Find out which of your vintage toys are worth a small fortune in 2014!

Buzz Feed published a list of "32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth A Fortune Now" the other day and I'm realizing that if my dad is ever hard up for cash he could go make a killing off my old toys on Ebay.  Like, I really had all of these toys!

Of course that would be if all of these toys were in NEW condition.  Unfortunately, I loved my Furby's (I had at least 5) and they weren't exactly the cleanest little gremlins in the world after I played with them for a few months.  The Polly Pocket Starlight Castle was my favorite of all of our Polly Pocket sets (and trust me my dad bought us the entire village for Christmas one year) because it lit up and played music for the bride and groom.  Needless to say it was well loved.  And my Mario Kart 64? It's still being well loved and is probably worthless after how many times I've played it and plan on still playing it.

Although...I did keep some of my toys in pristine condition.  Let's see how much they're worth now?

Via Ebay
Via Ebay

::FACE PALM:: I have hundreds of Beanie Babies in Mint Condition...and they're worthless.

Wanna see which of your toys are worth some cash?  Check out the complete Buzzfeed list!

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