You know when you're trying to find a word or a phrase that can speak an impactful feeling? That's the word we're looking for.

It's big. It's huge. It fills your heart.



It's not too late to jump on board and feed the Boise State Dance Marathon with energy and support. Huggie will be hosting again this year!



If you've never been to the Dance Marathon, let Huggie be your eyes and ears to prepare you for this year. Eh hem...tomorrow! "About hour 4, it looks really sweaty. It's pretty intense. A lot of smiling faces, lots of movement and tons of empty Red Bull cans. If you have ever seen the inside of a 'good vibe'...that's what the Dance Marathon looks like. Kind of like grown ups in a bouncy house!"


This isn't just a "work event" for Huggie or anyone involved. This is completely voluntary which is why Huggie says, "When I was approached last year, I was a little worried. These kind of events tend to be very emotional. In order to be part of something like this, I wanted passion to not just come from me - it has to come from all parties." It's more than that. It's WAY more than that.


The 17 hours of dancing is the actual Dance Marathon but there are pre-events to raise awareness for the event. Huggie says, "Be part of the events leading up to the Dance Marathon, I got to meet some of these kids we're dancing for. What impacts me the most are the parents of these kids. Hearing them talk about their babies, and how much love they have for their children...that's what keeps me going. I could not imagine being in that situation and being able to be that strong. It's awesome that the students of BSU can come together to show these parents how much we all care about their kids." 


The hundreds of people dancing, the thousands donating and the millions impacted would all say this same thing: It's for the kids. Not one person does it for their own benefit. You can be part of this life-changing event from your own home. C'mon, we like to make it easy. Sure, it makes you feel good but you're literally changing a child's life.


To do list:

  • Donate Here -> I want to change a life!
  • Tell everyone how awesome you are (in your own words) and add #BoiseStateDM so we know who you are!
  • Log on to tomorrow to be part of it. We'll stream it live starting at 3pm!

You don't have to wait until tomorrow to show the kids you're in it for them.

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