I could go on and on about St. Luke's Children's Hospital. That sentence is how I began this blog last year around Dairy Queen's "Miracle Treat Day." The feeling is the same and with more challenges. St. Luke's Children's Hospital is still rescuing our family from health challenges.

I'm happy to announce that you can officially make a difference for some child on Thursday for "Miracle Treat Day." Buy a blizzard and one of those dollar bills goes to helping all these kids.

Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen's across the country and right here at home. It's hot outside and that's just another reason to grab everyone for tasty Blizzard today. You can say that YOU helped miracles come true.

I remember writing about "Miracle Treat Day" last year and we thought corners were turned for Lennox. We were quickly reminded that nothing is completely solved and we just still need to keep a close eye on our little man.

Photo by: Kekeluv

My wife hates when I post these but I think it's important to see where your dollar goes. We never know when the unknown will coming knocking at our door. I hope it never does and pray you never encounter it. I worry about those families that don't have the support systems and can't leave work or living on one income.

Go buy a blizzard and help our local hospitals across the country save our kids. Oh, Lennox is doing great and silly as ever. We're expecting a little baby girl at the end of September but my wife feels like her body is gonna be ready sooner.

God bless all our miracle workers.

Photo by: Paige W